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Key Word Searching

A word about Keywords…
Did you know that Keyword searching is essentially the heart of SuperRolodex? In fact, it is the single biggest reason behind my need for writing the first version of this program years ago to help me learn my parts job. The program has gone through some changes and re-writes over the years to modernize it and build in some other needed functions, but at the core of the program has always been the ability to search for keywords – any word that might exist in any field of the entire database.

Even though SuperRolodex has a dedicated keyword field, it really doesn’t matter what field you use for keywords. The best way to maximize the search feature of the program is to take just a quick moment when you create a new record, and think of a few related keywords and type them into the keyword field. For example, lets say you were entering a new company into Super Rolodex called Acme Computer Repair. You might take a quick second and pop in a few keywords in the keyword field like: computer repair hard drive restore virus removal spyware removal hardware upgrade. Now you can quickly and easily find Acme Computer Repair just by searching for one of the related keywords.

I use keyword searching in almost every task I do at work. At any given time I have at least 17 windows open on my computer with double monitors, a phone in my ear, background noise from other co-workers doing their busy jobs making it hard for me to hear my customer with a crackly cell phone on the other end of the line, voice-mail light blinking “RED-ALERT” at me reminding me that I have yet to help whoever is in there, email inquirys piling up sometimes by the minute, and customers at my counter, not to mention the intercom paging me to answer another phone call. Of course everyone’s needs are important and everyone is in a rush and certain tasks like order entries must be done by a certain deadline each day or they won’t have their parts the next day, – so that’s the life of a modern parts counterman. So you can see, the faster I can make my information gathering in my often hectic parts job, the more efficient and successful I can be with my customers and my employer. For me, all that hectic work is manageable because of SuperRolodex and its responsiveness with keyword searching. I’m quite sure that in one way or another, most of you who read this can relate. I literally don’t believe I could do my job without my SuperRolodex program. I’m so glad that I took the hundreds and hundreds of hours to write it and am able to share this program with others.

Images, Pdf Files, Word Documents, Catalogs etc…

A customer recently asked me if Super Rolodex displays images and pdf files, so I thought I would make a blog post about it.

Did you know that images, pdf files, word documents, catalogs etc can be linked in Super Rolodex? The label next to the field acts as a hot link to the file, so as long as you have a valid file address in the field, just click the label next to it to open it. It does not matter if the file is on your computer, or your company’s server, or somewhere out there on the internet, the file will open in its own window. At work, we use this in numerous ways. We link to catalogs and service bulletins put out by our suppliers, and lots of other internally generated files that our parts department needs quick access to.
See the image below. Depending on how you use Super Rolodex, you may want to use the design feature to modify the user interface to look something like what’s in the image below, (adding tabs and fields). The design function can be found at the top of the main screen in the menu links.

Also, if you click on a label when the field is blank, a file navigation window will open and allow you to browse to a file you want to open. Once you find the file and select it, the address of the file will copy to the blank field and open the file for you to view. You will want to click the update button to save the record so that the next time you click on the label (link) the program will open the file that is addressed in the field.

Thank You – Robinson and Sons Construction Services

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their interest in Super Rolodex, and to mention a new customer
Robinson and Sons Construction Services, Inc.
80 Fifth Avenue
Haleyville, AL 35565
Ph: (205) 486-5763
Fx: (205) 486-3045

I understand they do commercial painting and water/sewer/utility construction. If you have a need for their services in their area, please check them out.

Why Super Rolodex is Good For Business

Efficiency and Productivity

A smart business owner knows that one of the most effective ways to increase profits and productivity is to increase efficiency among its employees. And since employees are the most valued asset a company can have, a company’s bottom line can be directly correlated to the measure of success and efficiency of its employees. Super Rolodex greatly increases your employee’s efficiency and success by empowering them with the right database tools to contribute pertinent business data into an easy to use desktop database application for instant searchable access to be used by them, (or others if used on your company shared network) to enhance their responsiveness with fast, pertinent data availability.

In the same way that Google has made searching simple, quick and efficient, Super Rolodex has also made information management and gathering, simple, quick and efficient for your employees who’s tasks may include data access, such as information retrieval, and data management, such as organizing documents and linking them to a searchable custom user interface.


Super Rolodex greatly increases your employees responsiveness to your customers by providing the employee with instant search results specific to their needs for handling customer inquiries. Its user-interface is simple and can be re-designed and modified on the fly.

Empower your employees now with the tools to make them efficient and successful in your company.

Get Super Rolodex now from Primesales here: http://www.primesales.net/Software/MyProgram/DownloadNow.html

Equipment Maintenance Database-Coming Soon

You can now access the free database here:

Super Rolodex is so versitile that you can use it to create other programs and/or databases. I will be uploading an Equipment Maintenance database very soon with a few sample records already in it. Anyone with Super Rolodex can use and/or modify the database to suit their needs. The Equipment Maintenance database would be perfect for any small company that needs to have a better handle on the maintenance records for their different equipment and vehicles. This could also be used by small service companies who’s business it is to service the equipment.

To use it, you have to have Super Rolodex installed of course. Just download the database file and copy it to your Super Rolodex folder. Then use the database manager in Super Rolodex to connect to it.

Yep… Another Super Rolodex update.

I guess I’ve been in my “developer” mood lately so as a result I’ve made some recent additions and enhancements to the Super Rolodex program, and have also fixed a couple bugs I didn’t know existed as well.

As of this writing, Super Rolodex release 11-10-2013 is the latest release. And here is what I’ve added:

“Config” will open a window and allow you to configure (enable/disable and show/hide) certain features and functions of the program. My thought process about this is I know a lot of Super Rolodex users who use the program in their business in which they have put a Super Rolodex database on a shared network, and have multiple computers (workstations) accessing that common shared database on the server. And I suppose that in some cases you might want to limit how an employee uses Super Rolodex. For example, you might want to limit someone to only have “read” access and not allow them to delete records or update them. Well now you can click “Configure” and select which features and functions you want to disable and hide from the user.

Tell a Friend:
“Tell a Friend” is a quick and simple way to tell your friends about Super Rolodex without having to take the time to type up an entire email yourself. “Tell a Friend” has two pre-populated text fields, a (Subject field and a Message field). Just click the “Copy” button to copy the contents of the fields to your windows clipboard. Then just start an email as you normally would in your email program. Right-click your mouse and selct PASTE to paste all the text into your email. What’s nice about this is that the text will already contain your distributor number so that if anyone you send an email to ultimately registers a copy of Super Rolodex, we will know that YOU “sold” it, which prompts us to email you a 50% sales commission to your paypal account.

As always, I am all ears if you have a thought, question or suggestion about Super Rolodex.

The latest version of Super Rolodex can be downloaded from Primesales here:

Super Rolodex updated (Release 10-28-2013)

Super Rolodex release 10-28-2013 was uploaded to the site last night.
You can get it here: http://www.primesales.net/Software/MyProgram/DownloadNow.html

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • A deleted record still showed the record name in the header area.
  • A highlight word search within a record remained highlighted even after doing a second, third etc highlight word search.
  • Tab behavior – did not automatically default to Tab-1 when creating a new record like it should.

These minor bugs did not affect the reliability of the program. However, having them fixed with the new 10-28-2013 release will make the program perform as expected.

You can view the details of these fixes here: List of Updates

Working on a much needed video

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently working on another video, this one is on “how to create a new database”, and “how to design it’s user interface”.

In the video, we create a new Super Rolodex database called “Stores”.
You will learn how to design the layout of the new database by moving fields using drag-drop, naming the fields, adding new tabs and adding new fields.

The video is not quite done yet, so check back soon.

Networking Super Rolodex – It’s as easy as Copy/Paste

Many Super Rolodex users may not know this, but it is pretty easy to network Super Rolodex. Basically all that means is if you have more than one computer that has Super Rolodex installed, and you want all of them to be able to access the same data, then you simply put a database on the server and tell each Super Rolodex program to “point” to that shared database.

For example, let’s say that you have 4 employees who use Super Rolodex from their computers. They would all benefit greatly from sharing a common database so that if one user were to add or update a record, then the other employees will see that updated record from their computers running Super Rolodex.

The image (above) and the video link below will help explain the 3 simple steps to network Super Rolodex which consist of:
STEP 1: Create a new folder on your server. (This folder must have “shared” access).
STEP 2: Copy the Super Rolodex database that you want to use as a shared database, and paste it into the new folder you made on your server.
STEP 3: Point Super Rolodex to the database on your server by using the Database Manager in Super Rolodex to navigate to the database, select it, and click “open”. Repeat step 3 for all computers that are running Super Rolodex.

That’s it!

You can access this video and many others from our video page:
How-To Video Page, or click the link below to go directly to it.
How To Network Super Rolodex

A New Video Release

We just released another how-to video. This one is about “How To Register Super Rolodex”.
Although the registration process is pretty simple and straight forward, you may want to watch this short video anyway because it may clear up any questions you may have, especially when it comes to registering a second, third, forth copy etc.

You can find the video on our How-To Video Page, or click the link below to go directly to it.
How To Register Super Rolodex

From The Mail Bag: “My Super Rolodex Registration Key did not work…”

Recently I received an email from one of my Super Rolodex users who was having trouble making the registration key work on his new computer. It turns out that he was trying to use his original Super Rolodex registration key from his old computer on his new computer.

Each computer requires a different Super Rolodex registration key, but that does not mean you have to purchase another key.

As you may know, when you first register Super Rolodex, you enter the serial number provided by Super Rolodex on your machine. When we email you the registration key, that particular key will only work on that computer. However, you can request additional keys at anytime, which we provide up to ten (10) total registration keys free of charge.

Some reasons you may need additional keys

  • Your computer crashed and you had a new hard-drive installed.
  • You purchased another computer.
  • You are running Super Rolodex on more than one computer.
  • You gave a copy or two of Super Rolodex to your friends and a few family members, and they want to get a registration key for free. — Well, that’s ok too, but remember, when you use up all ten (10) registration keys, you will have to pay for another registration. Even so, you have to admit, the current price to register the program is a pretty cheap price for a great software product with great tech support from the guy who actually wrote the program… (That’s me… Chris).

We Have Videos!

We now have a dedicated page (currently under construction) for “How To” videos. (Check out the video link in the side bar).
At this time we only have a couple of very short how-to videos to get you started, but we are in the process of creating more videos that cover all aspects of the Super Rolodex program, and eventually we’ll have some videos that answer specific questions that were suggested by other Super Rolodex users. So be sure to check our video page often.