Becoming a Distributor – Selling Super Rolodex

One of the most common questions I get from people are about becoming a distributor and selling Super Rolodex.  So I put together a list emphasizing some key points.  The image above is a screen-shot from within the Super Rolodex software which visually explains how a distributor (YOU) make money selling the Super Rolodex program.

Can I actually sell copies of Super Rolodex and keep the profits?

Yes, you can sell copies of the Super Rolodex program, and you can also sell copies of the program in which you have modifed (designed) your own user interface, which makes the program your own unique digital product.  You can charge whatever you think your program is worth, and you might be surprised to know that you can actually make a lot of money by giving the program away.  Keep reading to learn more.

If I can sell the software and charge whatever I want, how do you stay in business?

To be perfectly honest, I am not a marketing guru – I am a software engineer. (Well, not really. I’m just a regular guy who likes to write simple software programs).  So when I set out to re-write the current version of Super Rolodex, I simply designed a distributor system which allows anyone to become a distributor and sell my software for me.  People love the program and I feel that the users of Super Rolodex are probably much better at selling software than I am.  Besides, I am only one person with limited marketing ability.  I truly believe Super Rolodex deserves to have many people out there selling it.  So how do I stay in business?…  Every program that you sell (or give away) must still be registered.  The current price to register Super Rolodex is $34.95.  You and I split that 50-50,  I keep $17.47 and you receive $17.48 by Paypal.

Can you explain a bit more about the 50% sales commission

First of all, I wanted to make the sales commission as high as possible so it would be an attractive and worth while endeavor for people who chose to use Super Rolodex as a way of making some decent money on-line, and I wanted a way for people to make money with Super Rolodex who did not actually purchase a copy for themselves, so anyone can become a distrbutor for free.  I figured that a 50% sales commision was a pretty fair and attractive deal.  So a distributor (that’s YOU), makes 50% of the registration fee when a Super Rolodex program is registered. Here are the mechanics of the transaction and money-flow: When someone (your customer) registers Super Rolodex, they are paying us $34.95 through Paypal.  During that registration process, they enter YOUR distributor number.  When we receive their $34.95 registration fee from Paypal, we see that YOU were the one who sold it because we can see that your distrubutor number was used in the transaction, which prompts us to initiate a Paypal payment to you in the amount of $17.48 which is 50%.  (We keep the other $17.47).  You actually make a penny more than we do.

How exactly does someone become a distributor?

There are two ways to become a distributor
1.  When you register a copy of Super Rolodex, you automatically become a distributor.  When we email you the registration key to unlock the software, we also email you your distributor number, which is what you want your customers to use when they register a copy of the program for themselves.

2.  You can also become a distributor by simply asking us to give you a distributor number.  We understand that not everyone will want to use Super Rolodex for themselves and not want to register it, and so we decided that that should not be a deal killer.  There are people who will see how easy it is to make money selling this software, and yet they are aprehensive about registering the software, usually because they recognize the opportunity to make money, but at the same time, they don’t want to spend any money.  Believe me, we understand that, and so we decided that we still want those people as our distributors because they have a desire to promote the software.  So all you have to do to become a distributor in this case is to simply request a distributor number.  You can find the link on our site or go directly to our Distributor Request Page.

How do I ensure that my potential customers will enter my distributor number?  I want my 50% commission.

There are two ways to ensure that customers will enter YOUR distributor number during the registration process.
1.  If you have registered your copy of Super Rolodex and are selling (or giving away) copies of the software on your website, your distributor number will already be in the software you are selling.  (Technically, its in the database that you distribute with your program).  When you registered your copy of Super Rolodex, you entered two key pieces of information.  You were given a registration key (which unlocks the software), and you were given a distributor number which is stored in the database that is distributed with your program when you “create” a program to sell.  When you use Super Rolodex to “Create” a new program to sell, your distributor number is stored in the database with your program.  So when you sell (or give away) copies of the program, and a customer registers their copy that they obtained from you or your website, they will be prompted to enter your distributor number which will be automatically displayed on their Super Rolodex registration screen.

2.  Another way to ensure that customers enter YOUR distributor number is by using micro-ads (small text-based advertisements) in your emails and posts you make on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter among others.  Your micro ad is nothing more than a bit of text that is short, (but to the point) that you write that catches the readers attention and encourages them to visit our site (or YOUR site if you make it available to download there).  When they download Super Rolodex from our site (or yours) and decide to register it, they are asked to enter your distributor number which you have in your micro-ad.  Here are two examples of a micro-ad:

Example of an email or blog post Ad:

I am an authorized selling distributor for a unique and totally customizable database program. The program is windows based, and it works for home or business. It can even work in a network environment. When you register the program, you automatically become a selling distributor like me, and your sales royalties are paid to you through Paypal. When you register the program, you will need to enter my distributor number A123456. You can download your free copy for review at

You would of course replace the distributor number A123456 with YOUR distributor number that we gave you.  And if you want people to go to YOUR website to download the program, then of course you need to have a link to your website page where they can download it there.

Example of a Twitter Ad (Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters):

I’m making money from a database program, you can too. Use my Dist No. A123456

In this post, I have covered the basics of becoming a distributor and selling Super Rolodex.  I encourage you to post comments or questions, and if you have not already done so, please download a copy of Super Rolodex and check it out.  I think you will find it quite unique and will satisfy all your database needs. Please check us out:


Old Versus New

OLD SUPER ROLODEX (Version  5.2)

The old Super Rolodex program (which ended with version 5.2) was a popular and easy to use database program, however it did have some major limitations.  For example, it was limited to only 10 fields which really is not near enough in a lot of situations.  The fields could be re-named, making it somewhat customizable to the user, but the user-interface (fancy word for where everything like text-boxes and labels appear on the screen) was static, meaning that you could not move them around to design your own user-interface or really customize the program to fit the user’s specific needs.  Because of these limitations, the user was forced to accept that fact and was expected to fit their needs into a pre-built design.  This limitation was not an issue for most people in the beginning.  But over time, the user saw the need (as well as I) to expand on the basic core idea of the program and make it much more flexible and customizable but still retain its simplicity.

A new version of Super Rolodex had to be created from the ground up.


The new Super Rolodex program addresses these limitations.  For example, instead of only 10 fields, now the user has up to a hundred (100) fields to use.  This improvement alone was enough to make re-writing the entire program worth while.  With 100 fields available to work with, it was necessary to keep them all somewhat organized, and perhaps the best way to do that was to incorporate a “tabbed” structure into the user-interface.  So it was decided that 10-fields could occupy a single tab, and with 10-tabs made available, you now have 100-fields.  The user can apply a name to each tab so that the 100 fields can now be organized according to their group.  And the best part is that the user can “design” each tab of 10-fields to appear however they choose, such as hiding a text-box (field) or making it visible.  All 100 fields can be sized individually by adjusting the width and height of the text boxes, and can position them on the screen by using drag-drop.

There are many other differences between the old Super Rolodex program and the New Super Rolodex that will be covered in other posts, but ones I’ve mentioned here made such a drastic improvement to the program that it was well worth the time and effort spent in re-writing the entire program from the ground up.