Old Versus New

OLD SUPER ROLODEX (Version  5.2)

The old Super Rolodex program (which ended with version 5.2) was a popular and easy to use database program, however it did have some major limitations.  For example, it was limited to only 10 fields which really is not near enough in a lot of situations.  The fields could be re-named, making it somewhat customizable to the user, but the user-interface (fancy word for where everything like text-boxes and labels appear on the screen) was static, meaning that you could not move them around to design your own user-interface or really customize the program to fit the user’s specific needs.  Because of these limitations, the user was forced to accept that fact and was expected to fit their needs into a pre-built design.  This limitation was not an issue for most people in the beginning.  But over time, the user saw the need (as well as I) to expand on the basic core idea of the program and make it much more flexible and customizable but still retain its simplicity.

A new version of Super Rolodex had to be created from the ground up.


The new Super Rolodex program addresses these limitations.  For example, instead of only 10 fields, now the user has up to a hundred (100) fields to use.  This improvement alone was enough to make re-writing the entire program worth while.  With 100 fields available to work with, it was necessary to keep them all somewhat organized, and perhaps the best way to do that was to incorporate a “tabbed” structure into the user-interface.  So it was decided that 10-fields could occupy a single tab, and with 10-tabs made available, you now have 100-fields.  The user can apply a name to each tab so that the 100 fields can now be organized according to their group.  And the best part is that the user can “design” each tab of 10-fields to appear however they choose, such as hiding a text-box (field) or making it visible.  All 100 fields can be sized individually by adjusting the width and height of the text boxes, and can position them on the screen by using drag-drop.

There are many other differences between the old Super Rolodex program and the New Super Rolodex that will be covered in other posts, but ones I’ve mentioned here made such a drastic improvement to the program that it was well worth the time and effort spent in re-writing the entire program from the ground up.


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