Networking Super Rolodex – It’s as easy as Copy/Paste

Many Super Rolodex users may not know this, but it is pretty easy to network Super Rolodex. Basically all that means is if you have more than one computer that has Super Rolodex installed, and you want all of them to be able to access the same data, then you simply put a database on the server and tell each Super Rolodex program to “point” to that shared database.

For example, let’s say that you have 4 employees who use Super Rolodex from their computers. They would all benefit greatly from sharing a common database so that if one user were to add or update a record, then the other employees will see that updated record from their computers running Super Rolodex.

The image (above) and the video link below will help explain the 3 simple steps to network Super Rolodex which consist of:
STEP 1: Create a new folder on your server. (This folder must have “shared” access).
STEP 2: Copy the Super Rolodex database that you want to use as a shared database, and paste it into the new folder you made on your server.
STEP 3: Point Super Rolodex to the database on your server by using the Database Manager in Super Rolodex to navigate to the database, select it, and click “open”. Repeat step 3 for all computers that are running Super Rolodex.

That’s it!

You can access this video and many others from our video page:
How-To Video Page, or click the link below to go directly to it.
How To Network Super Rolodex


A New Video Release

We just released another how-to video. This one is about “How To Register Super Rolodex”.
Although the registration process is pretty simple and straight forward, you may want to watch this short video anyway because it may clear up any questions you may have, especially when it comes to registering a second, third, forth copy etc.

You can find the video on our How-To Video Page, or click the link below to go directly to it.
How To Register Super Rolodex

From The Mail Bag: “My Super Rolodex Registration Key did not work…”

Recently I received an email from one of my Super Rolodex users who was having trouble making the registration key work on his new computer. It turns out that he was trying to use his original Super Rolodex registration key from his old computer on his new computer.

Each computer requires a different Super Rolodex registration key, but that does not mean you have to purchase another key.

As you may know, when you first register Super Rolodex, you enter the serial number provided by Super Rolodex on your machine. When we email you the registration key, that particular key will only work on that computer. However, you can request additional keys at anytime, which we provide up to ten (10) total registration keys free of charge.

Some reasons you may need additional keys

  • Your computer crashed and you had a new hard-drive installed.
  • You purchased another computer.
  • You are running Super Rolodex on more than one computer.
  • You gave a copy or two of Super Rolodex to your friends and a few family members, and they want to get a registration key for free. — Well, that’s ok too, but remember, when you use up all ten (10) registration keys, you will have to pay for another registration. Even so, you have to admit, the current price to register the program is a pretty cheap price for a great software product with great tech support from the guy who actually wrote the program… (That’s me… Chris).

We Have Videos!

We now have a dedicated page (currently under construction) for “How To” videos. (Check out the video link in the side bar).
At this time we only have a couple of very short how-to videos to get you started, but we are in the process of creating more videos that cover all aspects of the Super Rolodex program, and eventually we’ll have some videos that answer specific questions that were suggested by other Super Rolodex users. So be sure to check our video page often.

I can’t remember his name… Super Rolodex to the rescue!!!

At work, we have this customer that comes in occasionally to match up some parts for his forklift. And for some reason I can never remember this person’s name or the company he works for, so of course I can never find him in the computer. I’m kind of bad with names anyway, so there’s no big surprise there. But this particular customer always brings in his old parts in a green plastic gardening bucket. So I finnally got wise and created a record in Super Rolodex just for him,… for the purpose of this article, I’ll call him “John Glaglioniosiefe” and he works for Macaceur Inc… (I just made that up). Anyway, in the Super Rolodex program under the name “Macaceur Inc” I now have his name “John Glaglioniosiefe” but more importantly, under “keywords” I entered “green plastic gardening bucket” and saved the record. Since I have done this, anytime Mr. Glaglioniosiefe comes in to our store, all I have to do is perform a “search all fields” in Super Rolodex for the word “bucket”, or the word “garden”, or even the word “green” and Super Rolodex pulls up Mr. Glaglioniosiefe’s record so I no longer have to ask him a dozen different times how to spell his name again so I can find his account in the computer.

I use keywords in Super Rolodex on hundreds of records like the example above to make them much easier to pull up. I just thought I would share that with you to give you an idea of how important it might be to take that one extra second or two and type in a few keywords when you create records so that you can find them quickly and easily – even when you don’t know the real name of the person or company you are really searching for. Tags and Keywords are a big help.

KISS “Keep It Simple Stupid”

“Keep It Simple Stupid” – that’s one of the phrases that my Dad would always say. And that’s what I’ve tried to do with Super Rolodex. It’s pretty easy to write software programs that do a lot of things, because software is not that difficult to write if you know how to code. But what I have learned is that it’s actually a challenge to keep things simple in the program because of the natural tendency to “push” it further and make it do more and more things with the idea that the more things the program can do, the better the software is. Well, that’s simply not true, because as a programmer, I have found that not only do I need to be thinking about how a user will use the software, but more specifically, how a NEW user will use the program. Because if a new user has to trip and stumble their way through the software to figure out how it works, there’re not likely going to enjoy it, and not likely to share it with friends, family, co-workers etc. So my main goal in writing Super Rolodex was to make it easy to use, especially for new users, and to resist the temptation to turn it into something complex. Super Rolodex is a success in keeping things simple.

Our Purpose

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