I can’t remember his name… Super Rolodex to the rescue!!!

At work, we have this customer that comes in occasionally to match up some parts for his forklift. And for some reason I can never remember this person’s name or the company he works for, so of course I can never find him in the computer. I’m kind of bad with names anyway, so there’s no big surprise there. But this particular customer always brings in his old parts in a green plastic gardening bucket. So I finnally got wise and created a record in Super Rolodex just for him,… for the purpose of this article, I’ll call him “John Glaglioniosiefe” and he works for Macaceur Inc… (I just made that up). Anyway, in the Super Rolodex program under the name “Macaceur Inc” I now have his name “John Glaglioniosiefe” but more importantly, under “keywords” I entered “green plastic gardening bucket” and saved the record. Since I have done this, anytime Mr. Glaglioniosiefe comes in to our store, all I have to do is perform a “search all fields” in Super Rolodex for the word “bucket”, or the word “garden”, or even the word “green” and Super Rolodex pulls up Mr. Glaglioniosiefe’s record so I no longer have to ask him a dozen different times how to spell his name again so I can find his account in the computer.

I use keywords in Super Rolodex on hundreds of records like the example above to make them much easier to pull up. I just thought I would share that with you to give you an idea of how important it might be to take that one extra second or two and type in a few keywords when you create records so that you can find them quickly and easily – even when you don’t know the real name of the person or company you are really searching for. Tags and Keywords are a big help.


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