Networking Super Rolodex – It’s as easy as Copy/Paste

Many Super Rolodex users may not know this, but it is pretty easy to network Super Rolodex. Basically all that means is if you have more than one computer that has Super Rolodex installed, and you want all of them to be able to access the same data, then you simply put a database on the server and tell each Super Rolodex program to “point” to that shared database.

For example, let’s say that you have 4 employees who use Super Rolodex from their computers. They would all benefit greatly from sharing a common database so that if one user were to add or update a record, then the other employees will see that updated record from their computers running Super Rolodex.

The image (above) and the video link below will help explain the 3 simple steps to network Super Rolodex which consist of:
STEP 1: Create a new folder on your server. (This folder must have “shared” access).
STEP 2: Copy the Super Rolodex database that you want to use as a shared database, and paste it into the new folder you made on your server.
STEP 3: Point Super Rolodex to the database on your server by using the Database Manager in Super Rolodex to navigate to the database, select it, and click “open”. Repeat step 3 for all computers that are running Super Rolodex.

That’s it!

You can access this video and many others from our video page:
How-To Video Page, or click the link below to go directly to it.
How To Network Super Rolodex


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