Super Rolodex updated (Release 10-28-2013)

Super Rolodex release 10-28-2013 was uploaded to the site last night.
You can get it here:

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • A deleted record still showed the record name in the header area.
  • A highlight word search within a record remained highlighted even after doing a second, third etc highlight word search.
  • Tab behavior – did not automatically default to Tab-1 when creating a new record like it should.

These minor bugs did not affect the reliability of the program. However, having them fixed with the new 10-28-2013 release will make the program perform as expected.

You can view the details of these fixes here: List of Updates


Working on a much needed video

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently working on another video, this one is on “how to create a new database”, and “how to design it’s user interface”.

In the video, we create a new Super Rolodex database called “Stores”.
You will learn how to design the layout of the new database by moving fields using drag-drop, naming the fields, adding new tabs and adding new fields.

The video is not quite done yet, so check back soon.

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