Why Super Rolodex is Good For Business

Efficiency and Productivity

A smart business owner knows that one of the most effective ways to increase profits and productivity is to increase efficiency among its employees. And since employees are the most valued asset a company can have, a company’s bottom line can be directly correlated to the measure of success and efficiency of its employees. Super Rolodex greatly increases your employee’s efficiency and success by empowering them with the right database tools to contribute pertinent business data into an easy to use desktop database application for instant searchable access to be used by them, (or others if used on your company shared network) to enhance their responsiveness with fast, pertinent data availability.

In the same way that Google has made searching simple, quick and efficient, Super Rolodex has also made information management and gathering, simple, quick and efficient for your employees who’s tasks may include data access, such as information retrieval, and data management, such as organizing documents and linking them to a searchable custom user interface.


Super Rolodex greatly increases your employees responsiveness to your customers by providing the employee with instant search results specific to their needs for handling customer inquiries. Its user-interface is simple and can be re-designed and modified on the fly.

Empower your employees now with the tools to make them efficient and successful in your company.

Get Super Rolodex now from Primesales here: http://www.primesales.net/Software/MyProgram/DownloadNow.html


Equipment Maintenance Database-Coming Soon

You can now access the free database here:

Super Rolodex is so versitile that you can use it to create other programs and/or databases. I will be uploading an Equipment Maintenance database very soon with a few sample records already in it. Anyone with Super Rolodex can use and/or modify the database to suit their needs. The Equipment Maintenance database would be perfect for any small company that needs to have a better handle on the maintenance records for their different equipment and vehicles. This could also be used by small service companies who’s business it is to service the equipment.

To use it, you have to have Super Rolodex installed of course. Just download the database file and copy it to your Super Rolodex folder. Then use the database manager in Super Rolodex to connect to it.

Yep… Another Super Rolodex update.

I guess I’ve been in my “developer” mood lately so as a result I’ve made some recent additions and enhancements to the Super Rolodex program, and have also fixed a couple bugs I didn’t know existed as well.

As of this writing, Super Rolodex release 11-10-2013 is the latest release. And here is what I’ve added:

“Config” will open a window and allow you to configure (enable/disable and show/hide) certain features and functions of the program. My thought process about this is I know a lot of Super Rolodex users who use the program in their business in which they have put a Super Rolodex database on a shared network, and have multiple computers (workstations) accessing that common shared database on the server. And I suppose that in some cases you might want to limit how an employee uses Super Rolodex. For example, you might want to limit someone to only have “read” access and not allow them to delete records or update them. Well now you can click “Configure” and select which features and functions you want to disable and hide from the user.

Tell a Friend:
“Tell a Friend” is a quick and simple way to tell your friends about Super Rolodex without having to take the time to type up an entire email yourself. “Tell a Friend” has two pre-populated text fields, a (Subject field and a Message field). Just click the “Copy” button to copy the contents of the fields to your windows clipboard. Then just start an email as you normally would in your email program. Right-click your mouse and selct PASTE to paste all the text into your email. What’s nice about this is that the text will already contain your distributor number so that if anyone you send an email to ultimately registers a copy of Super Rolodex, we will know that YOU “sold” it, which prompts us to email you a 50% sales commission to your paypal account.

As always, I am all ears if you have a thought, question or suggestion about Super Rolodex.

The latest version of Super Rolodex can be downloaded from Primesales here: