Equipment Maintenance Database-Coming Soon

You can now access the free database here:

Super Rolodex is so versitile that you can use it to create other programs and/or databases. I will be uploading an Equipment Maintenance database very soon with a few sample records already in it. Anyone with Super Rolodex can use and/or modify the database to suit their needs. The Equipment Maintenance database would be perfect for any small company that needs to have a better handle on the maintenance records for their different equipment and vehicles. This could also be used by small service companies who’s business it is to service the equipment.

To use it, you have to have Super Rolodex installed of course. Just download the database file and copy it to your Super Rolodex folder. Then use the database manager in Super Rolodex to connect to it.


One thought on “Equipment Maintenance Database-Coming Soon

  1. You can download the free Equipment Maintenance database from the download page here:
    It is a setup program that will install the database into your SuperRolodex folder. After you have installed it, just open SuperRolodex as you normally do, then up at the top of the Super Rolodex main window, click on “Database”, then click on “Database Manager”. You can browse for the database in your SuperRolodex folder. Just select it and click Open. And that’s it!
    — Enjoy.

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