Images, Pdf Files, Word Documents, Catalogs etc…

A customer recently asked me if Super Rolodex displays images and pdf files, so I thought I would make a blog post about it.

Did you know that images, pdf files, word documents, catalogs etc can be linked in Super Rolodex? The label next to the field acts as a hot link to the file, so as long as you have a valid file address in the field, just click the label next to it to open it. It does not matter if the file is on your computer, or your company’s server, or somewhere out there on the internet, the file will open in its own window. At work, we use this in numerous ways. We link to catalogs and service bulletins put out by our suppliers, and lots of other internally generated files that our parts department needs quick access to.
See the image below. Depending on how you use Super Rolodex, you may want to use the design feature to modify the user interface to look something like what’s in the image below, (adding tabs and fields). The design function can be found at the top of the main screen in the menu links.

Also, if you click on a label when the field is blank, a file navigation window will open and allow you to browse to a file you want to open. Once you find the file and select it, the address of the file will copy to the blank field and open the file for you to view. You will want to click the update button to save the record so that the next time you click on the label (link) the program will open the file that is addressed in the field.