Key Word Searching

A word about Keywords…
Did you know that Keyword searching is essentially the heart of SuperRolodex? In fact, it is the single biggest reason behind my need for writing the first version of this program years ago to help me learn my parts job. The program has gone through some changes and re-writes over the years to modernize it and build in some other needed functions, but at the core of the program has always been the ability to search for keywords – any word that might exist in any field of the entire database.

Even though SuperRolodex has a dedicated keyword field, it really doesn’t matter what field you use for keywords. The best way to maximize the search feature of the program is to take just a quick moment when you create a new record, and think of a few related keywords and type them into the keyword field. For example, lets say you were entering a new company into Super Rolodex called Acme Computer Repair. You might take a quick second and pop in a few keywords in the keyword field like: computer repair hard drive restore virus removal spyware removal hardware upgrade. Now you can quickly and easily find Acme Computer Repair just by searching for one of the related keywords.

I use keyword searching in almost every task I do at work. At any given time I have at least 17 windows open on my computer with double monitors, a phone in my ear, background noise from other co-workers doing their busy jobs making it hard for me to hear my customer with a crackly cell phone on the other end of the line, voice-mail light blinking “RED-ALERT” at me reminding me that I have yet to help whoever is in there, email inquirys piling up sometimes by the minute, and customers at my counter, not to mention the intercom paging me to answer another phone call. Of course everyone’s needs are important and everyone is in a rush and certain tasks like order entries must be done by a certain deadline each day or they won’t have their parts the next day, – so that’s the life of a modern parts counterman. So you can see, the faster I can make my information gathering in my often hectic parts job, the more efficient and successful I can be with my customers and my employer. For me, all that hectic work is manageable because of SuperRolodex and its responsiveness with keyword searching. I’m quite sure that in one way or another, most of you who read this can relate. I literally don’t believe I could do my job without my SuperRolodex program. I’m so glad that I took the hundreds and hundreds of hours to write it and am able to share this program with others.