Did You Know..

Did you know that you can register 10-copies of Super Rolodex with one registration?

Unlocking the program with the registration key: When you register Super Rolodex, we send you a registration key which unlocks the program for that computer and allows you to create an unlimited number of records. But what do you do if you have another computer that you want to install Super Rolodex on?… Or even a whole network of computers you want to install it on?

Request Additional Keys: You can register up to 9-more copies (10-total) for FREE. All you have to do is Request Additional Keys and we email them to you (one key for each computer). If you need more than 10-registration keys, then you just pay for another registration which gives you another 10.

Economics: Say you registered Super Rolodex on one computer (current registration price is $34.95), and then you requested 9-more additional keys for your other computers, that would make each copy of Super Rolodex a cost of $3.49 each. You have to admit that that is a rediculously low price, especially when you factor in free email tech support from the guy who actually wrote the software – that would be me… Chris, and also factor in the fact that being a registered user of Super Rolodex allows you to actually sell copies of it yourself, and totally re-design it if you want, making it your own digital product.

Did you know that you can advertise on this blog for FREE?

For those of you who use Super Rolodex in your company, I just wanted to let you know that you can advertise your product or website on this blog for free.

If you have registered at least one copy of Super Rolodex, then contact me with your website address. I will visit your website and take a snap-shot of a header image (if there is one) and use that as a display ad in the side-bar of this blog. The display ad will link directly to your website where other Super Rolodex users can check out your site. It’s just another way to increase traffic to your website. It’s the least I can do in showing my appreciation for your interest in Super Rolodex.

Did you know that you can run multiple copies of Super Rolodex?

Did you know that you can turn Super Rolodex into several different programs and run them separately? Let’s say you have created several different databases with Super Rolodex using the “Create Database” function available in the Database menu. And let’s say that you created a Customer Database, and a Vendor Database, and maybe even another database to hold all your website log-in passwords. If you are like me, I have far to many log-in’s to manage with a sticky note or two stuck to the side of my monitor. Anyway, if you need access to all three of these databases every day, or numerous times throughout the day, you could just set each one up as a “favorite” in the Database menu for quick access if you are only using one Super Rolodex program, or you can do what I do and simply have multiple copies of Super Rolodex running at the same time – each one connected to a different database. In this example, it would be like having three different programs all running at the same time. The screen shot above shows how easy it is to simply “run another instance” of the program. Just use the database manager to connect “each instance” to whichever database you want.

As a side note, I use my computer at work pretty heavily because my job requires it. In fact, just the other day I counted nineteen (19) different programs that I had running at the same time because I use them constantly all day. And 4 out of the 19 programs were different Super Rolodex applications that I designed specifically for work.

Did you know that labels can function like a hot-link?

When you click on a label next to a text box, that label will function like a hot link and open web pages, pictures, pdf files ect… But of course you have to have a valid link in the text box such as http://www.superrolodex.wordpress.com. However, if you are using one of the fields to hold an email address, the label doesn’t know that its an email address unless you modify the text in the field to something like this: mailto:sales@primesales.net the “mailto:” prefix to the email address will have to be present in order for the label to function correctly and pull up your default email program and pre-populate it with the email address.

The really neat thing however, is if you click on a label-link when the text box next to it is empty, the program assumes that you want to put a link in that text box, so a file navigation window pops up and allows you to navigate to a file or picture on your computer. Once you select it, it puts the link into the text box and opens the file for you to view. If you want to keep the link in there, just click the update button. This works out really well if you want to make a kind-of electronic catalog. In fact we use it at work in this way… Toyota, who is our major parts supplier puts out important service technical bulletins and emails them to all the service managers. These bulletins are in pdf format so when we get them they are just a pdf file attached to an email. So what we do is we just copy the pdf bulletin to a central storage folder on our company server. Then we use Super Rolodex and create a new record. We put the subject of the bulletin as the first field, and since we want a quick way to access that specific bulletin, we just click on the label next to an empty text box and navigate to the pdf bulletin on the server, and save the link. So now the bulletin can be accessed from within Super Rolodex. The possibilities are endless. For example we could also quite easily make our own parts manuals using Super Rolodex. I love how this program promotes a little creative thinking and allows our company to use Super Rolodex in so many different ways.


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