Hopefully many of your questions will be answered here. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please feel free to email us at redhousesoftware@comcast.net or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

#1 What is Super Rolodex?

Super Rolodex is a unique database program. It was originally created to be used as just a “contacts” program but as it was being used by more and more people, with more and more database needs, the potential for Super Rolodex was quickly realized. Super Rolodex was being used for much more than just a contacts program. For example, Super Rolodex programs are being used for keeping track of Parts Warranty Returns, Inventory, Characters and Plots for novel writers, Gardening logs for back yard gardeners, Diaries, User-Name and Password Organization, Electronic Notebooks, Expirations, Scanner Frequencies, Police Departments, Fire and Rescue, Construction Companies, and even Funeral Homes. So as you can see, Super Rolodex is really a very customizable and versitile program.

With the latest release, we have made it even better by increasing the number of customizable datafields to 100, and also making the program available to users to create entirely new software products of their own design that they can sell or give away. Even when you give away copies of the program to your family, friends and associates, you make money because we pay you a 50% commission everytime someone registers the program.

#2 Where can I download a User Manual?

If you don’t have a user manual for Super Rolodex, it’s a good idea to download one. It covers the basics of all the features and functions of the program, and will probably answer some questions you may have.

The user manual is a pdf file that you can save to your computer. After the pdf file opens, click File, then click Save As to save it to your computer.
You can download the user manual directly from this link:

#3 How do I get free updates to the software?

Checking for updates to the software is easy, and so is updating it. On the Super Rolodex main window, select the Help tab. You will see a “version”. Check our download page for the current “version”. If your Super Rolodex program has an older version, you should consider updating.

Updating your copy of Super Rolodex
Currently, the process to update your copy of Super Rolodex simply requires you to download the latest version and install it.
Super Rolodex can be downloaded from Red House Software here:

Will the new installation overwrite my old copy? (Will I loose my old copy)
The setup program will only overwrite the program file “SuperRolodex.exe” – it will NOT overwrite any existing database files, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data. However, it is always good practice to make a backup copy of your existing program and data files. And the easiest way to do that is to “copy” the folder “SuperRolodex” (which is probably located in C:\SuperRolodex\) and “paste” it onto a thumb-drive or CD, or some other external media device that you use for saving backup copies of your data.

#4 Do I need a distributor number in order to sell the software?

Yes. When you register the software, we also assign you a distributor number. Your distributor number is included in the same email as the software registration code we email you. You only need to use your distributor number if you plan on selling the software you create, or plan on making money by referring others to our download site. When someone registers their copy of the software with us, they are required to enter the distributor number of the person (you) that prompted them to download the software. This is what prompts us to send you a $10.00 sales commision for every program that is registered using your distributor number.

#5 Can I make money without registering your software?

Yes, you can make money without registering the software. All you need to do in that case is apply for a free distributor number. Then start posting micro-ads (containing our download link and your distributor number) on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Linked-In, and any other sites you can think of. Don’t forget the power of email marketing. Just put a micro-ad in the signature area of all your emails. When people download and register our software,
they will be entering your distributor number (that you obtained for free) and you will start receiving $10.00 sales commisions on all registrations that were prompted by you. We send you your commissions through Paypal, so of course you will need a Paypal account tied to your email address.

You can get a free distributor number here:

#6 Can I import records from an existing program or data file?

Yes, you can import records into SuperRolodex. The source file (your existing records) must be in either a CSV (comma separated value) file, or a TAB delimited file. Most database programs have a function which allows you to export a copy of your existing records to one of these types of files. To import records into SuperRolodex, click “File”, then click “Import a data file”.
NOTE: Once you have imported the records, you will probably need to use the design function to change the field names to match the data that you imported. For example, you don’t want a Company Name field to hold an Address Field you imported. You would use the design function to correct it.

#7 Can I access the data from more than one computer?

Yes, you can access the SuperRolodex database from more than one computer. If your computers are networked, and you have a copy of SuperRolodex on each computer, all you need to do is copy the database from the first computer to a shared location on your server. Then, on all the computers, you simply tell SuperRolodex to point to that database. You do this using the Database Manager window by clicking on “Database” then click on “Database Manager”. Click the “Browse for a Database” button and then navigate to the desired database and click the “Open” button. The program will instanly connect to that database. There are simple instructions in a pop-up window when you click the “How To Network” button.

#8 I have a network of computers. Do I have to register SuperRolodex on each one?

Yes, you have to register SuperRolodex on each computer, however that does not mean you have to “pay” for each copy.
When you register SuperRolodex on your first computer, you are allowed to request registration keys for two more computers (3-total). To register the other two copy’s you would simply use the link below. We then email you the registration key(s) that unlocks the software for each machine. Request additional registration keys here: http://www.redhousesoftware.com/additionalkey.html

#9 Can I try out (test-drive) the software before I buy it?

Yes, you can download the software and try it out for as long as you want. The trial version is full functioning and has no expiration.
However, with the trial version you will be limited to inputting no more than 20 records. When you register the software, we email you a registration key that unlocks the software so you can create an unlimited number of records.

#10 I want to use SuperRolodex for sensitive data such as account numbers and passwords. Will this data be secure?

SuperRolodex can be used for all kinds of data storage, however the current version does not have a security feature to “hide” this sensitive data from prying eyes. With that said, the only way an unauthorized person would be able to obtain information from your database would be if they had direct access to the database, or a copy of the database and opened it with their own copy of SuperRolodex.
A future version may have a way to “lock-out” users from viewing the record by making a record password protected. But to be honest here, no matter what software you use, nothing is ever 100% secure from malicious people who are diligent in getting to your data. But don’t let that scare you. Most data thieves usually target large corporations that have millions of credit card numbers stored in their systems.

#11 Can I really advertise my business on your blog for free?

Yes you can. You may have noticed the display ads in the side bar for several different companies. These are totally free ads for companies who are using Super Rolodex.

Free ads… So what’s the catch?

The only “catch” is that you have registered at least one copy of Super Rolodex. Just contact us with your website address and we will review your website. We will take a snap-shot from your website (such as an image or logo from the header of your site), and then we work that into a free display ad and post it in the side-bar of this blog along with the other ads. Your free ad will link directly to your website.

So why do it for free?

I figure it’s just good business. You buy a Super Rolodex program, and you not only get great email tech support from the guy who actually wrote the software (that’s me), but you get a free business ad. I think it’s a win-win.

To contact us, please submit the contact form below, or email your inquiry directly to us at redhousesoftware@comcast.net

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