My Super Rolodex

Please tell us what Super Rolodex is doing for you.
How has it helped you?
How are you using Super Rolodex?
Do you use the standard design or have you created your own design?
Are you selling Super Rolodex as your own digital product?

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One thought on “My Super Rolodex

  1. In the Parts Department at my work, we use SuperRolodex for several things, and have a few different designs (applications) we use. For one example, we have an application for keeping track of Parts Returns and Parts Warranties. This is pretty straight forward with only a handful of fields such as Customer Name, Part Number Returned, Reason For Return, Date Returned, Factory Authorization #, Date Shipped Back To Factory, Make, Model, Serial # of equipment the part was installed on, Original Invoice Number, Notes etc… such as restock fee (if any), Action To Take once we get credit from the factory, etc…

    This little app is heavily used especially when a customer calls to find out the status is of his warranty credit, specifically large credits such as engine and transmission core returns. By doing an “All Fields” search, we only have to enter one piece of info and BAM! there it is. We can instantly see all info we have generated about the specific warranty/return. It saves a lot of research hassle and phone calls. Not to mention it can be easily used to identify “trends” of returned parts, such as who’s returning parts, and what parts are being returned, and why. There are other designs (applications) we use SuperRolodex for that I will touch on in other posts.

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