From The Mail Bag: “My Super Rolodex Registration Key did not work…”

Recently I received an email from one of my Super Rolodex users who was having trouble making the registration key work on his new computer. It turns out that he was trying to use his original Super Rolodex registration key from his old computer on his new computer.

Each computer requires a different Super Rolodex registration key, but that does not mean you have to purchase another key.

As you may know, when you first register Super Rolodex, you enter the serial number provided by Super Rolodex on your machine. When we email you the registration key, that particular key will only work on that computer. However, you can request additional keys at anytime, which we provide up to ten (10) total registration keys free of charge.

Some reasons you may need additional keys

  • Your computer crashed and you had a new hard-drive installed.
  • You purchased another computer.
  • You are running Super Rolodex on more than one computer.
  • You gave a copy or two of Super Rolodex to your friends and a few family members, and they want to get a registration key for free. — Well, that’s ok too, but remember, when you use up all ten (10) registration keys, you will have to pay for another registration. Even so, you have to admit, the current price to register the program is a pretty cheap price for a great software product with great tech support from the guy who actually wrote the program… (That’s me… Chris).