User Manual

If you don’t have a user manual for Super Rolodex, it’s a good idea to download one. It covers the basics of all the features and functions of the program, and will probably answer some questions you may have.

The user manual is a pdf file that you can save to your computer. After the pdf file opens, click File, then click Save As to save it to your computer.
You can download the user manual directly from this link:

If you have any questions about Super Rolodex please contact us through our Contact Us page.

Screen Shots

Click thumbnail images to view them fullsize in a new window.

Main Window

File Menu

Run Menu

Design Menu

Database Menu

Make Menu

Help Menu

Registration Window
(Purchase a Key)

Registration Window
(Entering your Key)

Color Preferences Window

Design Window

Database Manager Window

Database Creator Window

Database Favorites Window

Make a New Program
(Distributor Tab)

Make a New Program
(Program Name Tab)

Make a New Program
(Publish Tab)

Make a New Program
(Distribute Tab)

How To Make Money