I want to offer you the opportunity of placing an ad for your business in the side-bar of the Super Rolodex blog, for free.

If you have a website that offers a product or service and would like to see an ad like the ones you see in the side-bar linking to your site, please let me know what your website is so I can have a look at it. If it’s a nice fit for the side-bar, I’ll put it in there.

There’s only two requirements of course.

  • You must have registered at least one copy of Super Rolodex.
  • I will not post any ads if the website is promoting an illegal product or service.

So how do you post your ad?

Actually you don’t. I will post it for you. I visit your website and take a snap-shot of an image from your website (usually a header image for example), then I use that image as your display ad, and link it to your website just like the existing ads in the side-bar.

If you have already registered a copy of Super Rolodex, please submit your website for review and I’ll get working on your free display ad for the side-bar. If you have not yet registered Super Rolodex, please consider doing so.